DCEPL provides an alternative to these high fixed costs. We are a complete electronic product design company, providing expertise in all phases of electronic product design, from proposal to production. We can independently develop a complete turn-key solution, or we can be used to augment your existing engineering team.

We specialize in on-time, hardware / software / system design at competitive rates. With our broad experience in analog, digital and microprocessor design, together with a high level of software development skill, CAD design and mechanical design, we can provide all engineering services, including: feasibility studies, project scheduling, development cost estimates, hardware design, component selection, PCB fabrication, software development, firmware development, mechanical design, and prototype assembly.

We provide complete production ready hardware, software, and mechanical documentation packages, along with superior post-delivery support.

At DCEPL, our strength is our broad application experience combined with years of industry experience -- enabling us to assist in bringing new product ideas to market quickly and efficiently. We can help your company remain competitive while providing an excellent return on your engineering investment.